Our investment advisory clients include individuals, family offices, foundations, endowments, retirement plans, and institutional investors.

Individuals & Family Offices

BHK helps our clients achieve their financial goals through personalized planning, specialized investment strategies, and ongoing tailored service for each client.  Regardless the stage of life, BHK has experience to help each client achieve success.

BHK brings organization to the complex details of managing wealth.  We provide integrated wealth independence planning and develop customized investment portfolios that grow with our client’s ever changing lives. Our focus is on innovative strategy and seamless implementation of our client’s individualized plan. We will work closely with your tax and estate planning professionals to coordinate a plan that gives you peace of mind in your financial life.

Foundations & Endowments

BHK provides investment solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of foundations, endowments and retirement plans. We work together with our institutional clients to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities through risk management, investment policy statement construction & maintenance, asset allocation strategy, board education and customized reporting and communication.  We work closely with each client’s investment committee or board to determine objectives such as return requirements, liquidity needs and cash flow projections.  We construct, monitor, and rebalance investment portfolios according to these guidelines, using BHK’s capital markets experience with the specific objectives and constraints of each client’s portfolio.

Retirement Plans

A retirement plan is successful when it meets the plan sponsor’s defined objectives and ultimately leads employees to a financially secure retirement. BHK provides a wide range of plan consulting and investment advisory services to help employers maximize the success and effectiveness of their retirement plans. Our clients include corporations, medical practices, professional firms, and non-profit organizations. We advise Defined Contribution plans, Defined Benefit plans, and Nonqualified Executive Benefit plans in the areas of investment menu structure, fiduciary risk-management, plan design and governance, service provider due diligence, fee benchmarking, and plan success measurement. Additionally, we help employees leverage the value of the retirement plan by guiding them through a process for making prudent decisions about saving and investing.